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“欧宝体育地址”果粉升级iPhone 是否需要先卖掉旧的

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本文摘要:The numbers are in for the opening weekend of Apple’s new iPhones: 10 million sold in just three days. That’s a lot of new iPhones, and a large number of them are going to people upgrading from older cellphones.苹果(Apple)新款iPhone预售首个周末的销售数量已被统计资料出来:仅有在三天内就卖出1000万部。

The numbers are in for the opening weekend of Apple’s new iPhones: 10 million sold in just three days. That’s a lot of new iPhones, and a large number of them are going to people upgrading from older cellphones.苹果(Apple)新款iPhone预售首个周末的销售数量已被统计资料出来:仅有在三天内就卖出1000万部。这可感叹很多的新iPhone,其中有很多是由打算替换原有手机的顾客出售的。So where do those millions of used gadgets wind up?那数百万部旧手机去哪了呢?A sampling of data from GameStop, EcoATM and Gazelle, companies that resell used electronics, shows that around the time a new iPhone makes its debut, plenty of people sell their old devices or trade them in to save money on their new iPhone.出售二手电子产品的游戏驿站(GameStop)、EcoATM和Gazelle的数据样本表明,苹果发售新版iPhone时,很多人会将原有设备变卖,或以旧换新。

Those phones that are not sold often end up being stashed in sock drawers or given as gifts to friends or family members, some research suggests.GameStop, a video game retailer that buys and sells used electronics and games, said it held a trade-in event last weekend. In three days, it accepted more than 15,000 devices. The items that were traded in the most included the more recent iPhones, like the 5, 5S and 5C, the company said.一些研究表明,那些没出售的旧手机一般来说不会被里斯到抽屉里,或被当作礼物赠送给朋友和家人。交易二手电子商品及游戏用品的电子游戏零售商游戏驿站回应,该公司在上周末举办了买入活动。他们在三天内接到了逾15000个电子设备。

该公司回应,他们接到的最少的是不久前发售的iPhone,比如iPhone5、5S和5C。EcoATM, a company that buys used cellphones through a network of kiosks, said that since the release of the iPhone on Friday, it had seen an 80 percent increase in iPhone trade-ins at its 1,100 kiosks in the United States. It declined to say how many devices it accepted over all.通过售货亭买入原有手机的EcoATM回应,自苹果公司从周五开始出售新版iPhone以来,该公司在美国的1100个售货亭的交易量下跌了80%。

但该公司拒绝接受透漏他们总共买入了多少部手机。Gazelle, a reseller that allows people to mail in their used electronics for cash back or credit on Amazon, said it was making 180 offers a minute in the week leading up to the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on Friday. The iPhone 5 accounted for 38 percent of the devices being traded in ahead of the release. Gazelle also noted that in the week Apple introduced the latest iPhones, the number of trade-ins of Samsung products tripled compared with the week before.出售商Gazelle则容许人们寄送二手电子产品,以交换条件现金或亚马逊账户金额。该公司回应,在iPhone 6和6 Plus于周五上市的那一周,他们每分钟不会已完成180笔交易。

在该公司于新手机面市前并购的旧设备中,iPhone 5占到38%。Gazelle还认为,在苹果发售最新版iPhone的那一周,三星(Samsung)产品的并购数量比前一周减少了两倍。

Many older devices are not traded in at all. A study by OnePoll, a research company, found that about 54 percent of American consumers say they own two or more unused cellphones. The study estimates that Americans own about $34 billion worth of used cellphones.很多顾客都没出售原有手机。调查公司OnePoll找到,约54%的美国顾客回应,他们有两部或者更加多闲置手机。

该调查估计,美国人享有价值大约为340亿美元(约合2086亿美元)的旧手机。Apple also offers a trade-in program at its stores, working with Brightstar, a company that buys and sells used electronics. An Apple spokeswoman declined to provide the number of old iPhones that were traded in over the weekend.苹果也与交易二手电子产品的Brightstar合作,在其店内发售了以旧换新活动。

苹果公司的一名女发言人拒绝接受透漏上周末的以旧换新活动接到的旧版iPhone数量。On an earnings call last year, Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said he liked the environmental aspect of the trade-in program, adding that the high resale value of older iPhones made it a “win-win” for buyers and sellers.在去年的营收电话会议中,苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)回应,他十分讨厌以旧换新活动充分发挥的环保起到,并回应,旧版iPhone的出售价值较高,这对买卖双方来说是“双赢”。



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